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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators Prices, Reviews and Specifications


Unlike traditional top-freezer refrigerators, bottom-freezer refrigerators places the freezer below the refrigerated section, so fresh foods are at eye level. The refrigerated section has a standard one-panel swinging door; the freezer section might also have a conventional swinging door, but most bottom-freezer models have a pull-out-drawer-style freezer. Another option is a French-door refrigerator with a freezer on the bottom and two side-by-side narrow swinging doors on the top refrigerated section.

Amana ABB1921WEW 18.5 Cubic Foot Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator
Relatively small and compact compared to most bottom-freezer refrigerators, the Amana ABB1921WEW has a swing-out freezer door rather than the typical pull-out drawer. This refrigerator is only available in white and is a relatively basic unit without many of the extras that are typical on larger and more elaborate bottom-freezer refrigerators. It is not set up for a through-the-door water-and-ice dispenser, although an ice maker is available as an optional kit. This refrigerator works well in apartments, condominiums or other homes with small kitchens, and fits into a 30" opening. [See Prices, Reviews and Specifications]
LG LDC22720SW 22.4 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator
At 32.75" wide, LG Electronics' LDC22720SW is a basic bottom-freezer refrigerator that will fit in any small- to medium-size kitchen that has at least a 33"-wide refrigerator space. This refrigerator will hold moderate groceries for an average family but might not be sufficient for a household of four or more with a high level of food storage needs. The LDC22720 SW has a conventional swinging refrigerator door on top with a pull-out freezer drawer below. It comes with a factory-installed IcePlus ice maker and bin, but no through-the-door dispenser. [See Prices, Reviews and Specifications]
Maytag EcoConserve MBF2258XEW 21.9 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator
Able to slide into a 33" opening, the Maytag MBF2258XEW should provide reasonable food storage for an average family, and it is advertized as using less energy than a 60-watt bulb running continuously. Like most conventional bottom-freezer models, the freezer door pulls out rather than swings. The MBF2258XEW comes with an inline filter on the water line to the factory-installed ice maker in the freezer; gallon-container storage in the door bins; two humidity-controlled crisper drawers; and adjustable glass shelves. For a stainless steel exterior, the MBL2258XES has a left-hand door and the MBR2258XES swings right; the doors are reversible in the other colors. [See Prices, Reviews and Specifications]
Whirlpool Gold GB2FHDXWQ 22 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator
The Whirlpool Gold GB2FHDXWQ scales down the usually oversize bottom-freezer refrigerator to bring the convenience of fresh food at eye level to many apartments, condos and other home with small kitchens. This is a relatively straightforward unit with few extras, but it does come with a factory-installed ice maker. Like most bottom-freezer refrigerators, it is not set up for a through-the-door water-and-ice dispenser. However, it does include typical features like two humidity-controlled crisper drawers, gallon-container storage in the door bins, and adjustable shelves and bins that allow for flexible organization of the interior space. [See Prices, Reviews and Specifications]