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Electric Ranges Prices, Reviews and Specifications


An electric range is typically less expensive than a gas range, and some buyers prefer electric stovetops because they can also be easier to clean.

Electrolux EW30EF65GS 30" Electric Freestanding Range
The Electrolux 30" electric freestanding range with Wave-Touch controls is a mid-to high-end range with a variety of features and controls. Like most electric ranges, it has a recessed smooth cooktop which prevents spills and makes clean-up easy. The cooktop has four cooking surfaces and a center warming area. The range features a sizeable main oven with a warming drawer that doubles as a second oven. There are multiple racks with a ball-bearing sliding system. The Wave-Touch control panel is illuminated only when it's in use, showing a variety of buttons, and when not in use, the panel fades to black. [See Prices, Reviews and Specifications]
Frigidaire FFEF3043LS 30" Freestanding Electric Range
The Frigidaire FFEF3043LS, and similar models, are freestanding electric ranges with four radiant heat elements on the smooth stovetop and 4.8-5.3 cubic feet of room in the oven. The ranges also feature a lower drawer for additional storage. Each comes standard with two cooking racks inside the oven that can be placed in seven different positions. Self-cleaning and auto-shut-off features are available on the FFEF3018 models. [See Prices, Reviews and Specifications]
GE JB640 30" Freestanding Electric Range
The GE JB640 series are 30" freestanding electric ranges with four radiant heat elements on a smooth stovetop. The heating elements vary in size from 6 inches up to 1 foot in diameter. The oven has a capacity of 5.3 cubic feet. There is a lower drawer for additional storage. [See Prices, Reviews and Specifications]
Kenmore 9021 30" Freestanding Electric Range
The Kenmore 9021 is a no-frills freestanding electric range with four coil heating elements. The sides of the coil cooktop stove are upswept to prevent spills from hitting the floor and facilitate easy cleaning. There is a storage drawer below the 5.3 cubic foot oven. It has a self-cleaning function, which is not often found on less expensive ranges. [See Prices, Reviews and Specifications]
Maytag Gemini MET8885X Electric Double Oven Range
The Maytag MET8885X ranges are electric smooth cooktop ranges with double ovens and five radiant elements. The cooktop surface includes one expandable element (up to 10 inches) and a warming zone in the center. The dual ovens offer a combined 6.7 cubic feet. [See Prices, Reviews and Specifications]
Samsung FE-R300 Electric Range
The Samsung FE-R300 ranges are 30" freestanding electric ranges with four radiant elements, including two elements that are expandable. The oven capacity is roomy and offers nearly 6 cubic feet of space. The controls on the FE-R300 ranges are both knobs and touchpad, with digital oven controls. Below, there is a drawer for additional storage. The ranges offer additional features including variable broil, a steam self-cleaning feature, and two chrome racks that fit in seven different positions. [See Prices, Reviews and Specifications]
Samsung FTQ307NWGX Freestanding Induction Range
The Samsung FTQ307NWGX is a 30" freestanding electric range with a variety of features. The convection oven uses circulated air to improve heat transfer and reduce energy use. The induction heating on the stovetop can only be activated when in contact with induction pans, leaving the stovetop otherwise cool to the touch. The cooktop has four elements producing up to 3,700 watts. The range has a self-cleaning option. The control panel is digital and has touch controls. The range also has a warming drawer with three heat settings. [See Prices, Reviews and Specifications]