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Frigidaire Affinity FAFS4174NW 3.9 Cu. Ft. 15-Cycle Steam Front-Load Washer Prices, Specifications and Reviews

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  The Frigidaire Affinity FAFS4174NW is an energy-efficient, extra-large front-load washer with almost all the bells and whistles; it should handle the laundry needs of most households. There are 15 automatic wash cycles, including steam, sanitize, jeans, bedding, delicates and hand wash, plus specialty settings like quick sanitize, pet beds or stain pretreat (a 10-minute special soak cycle). The start of any wash cycle can be delayed for up to 20 hours. The FAFS4174NW is a step up from the Frigidaire Affinity FAFS4073NW which costs about $100 less but has fewer wash cycles (9 instead of 15), 3.8 cubic feet instead of 3.9 cubic feet and fewer features (no extra jets at the top and no allergy, prewash, or stain-pretreat settings).

Models: FAFS4174NW (Classic White), FAFS4174NA (Classic Silver), FAFS4174NR (Classic Red)


(Prices as of 10/22/2012)
White      Silver     Red        Source
$950Sears (Delivery starts at $70; at times offers free shipping/delivery)
$949$1,049$1,049Lowe's (Delivery starts at $80; at times offers free shipping/delivery)
$849$939$939AJ Madison (Shipping/delivery typically $0-$198)
$760$839$839USAppliance (Estimated typical shipping/delivery $0-$149)

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Additional Costs:

$200-$300Optional Pedestal
$30-$40Optional Stacking Kit
$20-$50+Power cord, hook-up parts/kit
$0-$200+Shipping & Handling (it can cost $0-$25+ to haul away the old appliance)
$70-$550+Extended Warranty, depending on retailer, length and terms
$0-$2,000Washer-dryer hookups, with electric/water lines


DimensionsHeight: 36"
Width: 27"
Depth: 30.3"
Weight235 lbs.
PowerElectric, 120V, 15 amps.
StyleFront load
Energy Star QualifiedYes (meets EPA criteria for better-than-average efficiency); rated CEE Tier II (meets higher standards by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency -- Tier III is the highest rating)
Estimated Cost Per Year$12 with electric water heater, $5 with natural gas
(Average range for similar models $10-$71)
ColorsClassic White, Classic Silver, Classic Red
Capacity3.9 Cu. Ft.
DrumStainless steel
CabinetPowder-coated metal
ControlsElectronic dial, with pushbutton status lights
Wash Cycles15: normal, heavy, delicates, hand wash, casual, bedding, jeans, kids wear, pet beds, sanitize, quick sanitize, stuffed animals, quick cycle (20 minutes), rinse & spin, whitest whites
Water Temperatures5: cold, cold water clean, warm, hot, sanitize
End-of-cycle SignalChimes (on/off)
Dispensers4-tray dispenser (prewash detergent, bleach, liquid detergent, fabric softener)
DetergentManufacturer recommends high efficiency (low-sudsing) liquid detergent
Spin SpeedVariable, up to 1,300 rpm
Other FeaturesDelay start up to 20 hours
1,000 watts internal water heater
Cycle status lights
Door lock indicator
Control lock
Warranty1 year limited, parts and labor; 10 years on motor; lifetime on tub

The manufacturer's detailed information on this product is available at

What People Are Saying:

Consumer Reports estimates that the Frigidaire Affinity FAFS4174NW will perform similarly to the Frigidaire Affinity FAFS4073NW, which Consumer Reports named a Best Buy (the highest ranking) in 2012, rating it excellent for washing performance, energy efficiency, water efficiency, capacity and gentleness, and good (a somewhat mediocre rating) for noise. (Note that the 4174 model does have more features than the 4073 -- extra jets at the top to get clothes wetter, faster; 15 automatic wash cycles compared to 9; a 1,300 rpm spin maximum instead of 1,200 rpm; and options like allergy, prewash and stain-pretreat settings that the 4073 doesn't have.) CostHelper found no online user reviews for the FAFS4174NW in October 2012, and one retailer indicated that this model was new to its site and not yet in stock in its warehouses.