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Kenmore 78002 7.5 Cu. Ft. 5-Cycle Gas Dryer Prices, Specifications and Reviews

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  The Kenmore 7800 is a large-capacity, front-loading gas dryer with a moisture sensor that stops the machine when the clothes are dry and a Wrinkle-Free setting that will intermittently rotate the dry clothing to prevent wrinkles. It should handle most loads for an average household, although extra-large items like a king-sized comforter might require a trip to a Laundromat. This is a midlevel machine with a variety of drying cycles, but it doesn't have some of the features found on higher-end models, like a steam option for freshening clothes, a door window or a stainless steel drum. However, it does come with a heated drying rack for shoes and a cycle specifically designed to kill bacteria on clothes and sheets. And like all Kenmore appliances, this unit is sold only at Sears, Kmart or

Models: 78002 (White)


(Prices as of 06/27/2012)
White      Source
$880Sears (Shipping/delivery typically $0-$80)
$846Kmart (Shipping/delivery typically $0-$70)
$ (Shipping/delivery typically $0-$70)

Prices For Matching Washer

(Prices as of 06/27/2012)
Starting From Item
$8003.6 Cu. Ft. 5-Cycle Kenmore 28002 Top-Load Washer

Additional Costs:

$25-$75+LP conversion kit; dryer vent kit/parts
$0-$70+Shipping and handling (Some companies charge $0-$25+ to haul away the old appliance)
$170-$260Extended Warranty, depending on length and terms
$0-$2,000+Washer-dryer hookups, with electric/water lines


DimensionsHeight: 43.5"
Width: 27"
Depth: 30.12"
Weight121 lbs.
PowerNatural Gas
StyleFront load
Capacity7.5 Cu. Ft.
Door TypeDrop Down
Door WindowNo
DrumPower-coated (not stainless steel)
Drying Cycles5: air dry, damp dry, delicate, heavy duty, normal
Water TemperaturesYes
End-of-cycle SignalYes
Sensor dryYes
Drying rackNo
Other FeaturesMoisture sensor (stops machine when clothes are dry)
Wrinkle Free option (continues to toss clothes after drying to help prevent wrinkles)
Check lint screen light
Interior light
Cycle status lights
Power cord not included
Warranty1 year, parts and labor

The manufacturer's detailed information on this product is available at

What People Are Saying:

On the top sellers list at Sears, the Kenmore 78002 gas dryer was named a 2012 Best Buy at Consumer Reports, which rates it excellent for drying performance and capacity, and very good for convenience and noise. With only a few user reviews posted at Sears, slightly more than half give this machine high marks and recommend it. These positive reviews praise this machine for its large capacity, quick drying, multiple options and quiet operation. The 25% who give this machine low ratings express frustration with the sensors that are supposed to shut the machine off when the clothes are dry; apparently there are some problems sensing the moisture content in small loads.