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How to Get the Best Deal on a Coffee Maker

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Shop Around

After finding the right model, check various retailers. Coffeemaker prices are rarely locked in by a manufacturer and good deals can be found by checking sales at more than one retailer.

Check Different Venues: Brick-and-Mortar Shops vs. Online Shopping

Shipping costs on some coffeemakers can come close to doubling the cost of the purchase. Buying it in person can save on shipping costs. Or, if purchasing online, look for free or low-cost shipping.

Look at Refurbished Units and Open Boxes

Some manufacturers and retailers offer refurbished coffeemakers at discount prices. Some big-box retailers have outlet centers that offer discounted units either on opened boxes or refurbished by the manufacturer.

Wait for Sales

Typically coffeemakers are on sale around the holidays as older models are cleared out to make room for newer models. Shopping near the end of the year and around major holidays can improve the chance of finding a discounted price on a coffeemaker.