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How to Get the Best Deal on a Range

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How to Choose a Range

Ranges are sold online and in brick-and-mortar locations. They are sold by major retailers and by local appliance stores. With the variety of competition, most ranges can be purchased for less than the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

Wait for Discounts and Sales

Retailers typically have sales on a rotating selection of products. If the customer is not replacing a range in an emergency situation, it might be worthwhile to track sales items at various retailers. Some stores offer prices that are consistently lower than other retailers. In addition, some retailers allow for some negotiation on prices.

Check Out Floor Models

Some retailers will sell the floor models of ranges at a discounted price. The ranges are unused, but probably have had the oven door open and closed repeatedly.

Look for Rebates and Promotions

Manufacturers often offer rebates on appliances. Check the product page on the manufacturer's website for additional discounts on ranges.

For example, GE, Electrolux and Amana list seasonal rebates and special offers online.